6.2.2        Other Function Description

You can perform subsequent operations on the Playback page.

Ÿ   Select Enable Hand Hold Teach on the Playback page, the Add Motion Command button will be unavailable. You can hold down the button under the Rear Arm to save point after jogging Dobot M1 on the Operation Panel page or moving Dobot M1 by hand. For details, please see Debugging Playback Function.

Ÿ   Set the loop number of the saved point when implementing playback. The maximum value is 9999. You can also select Infinite Loop to make Dobot M1 in the infinite loop state when implementing playback according to the saved points list, as shown in Figure 6.8.

Figure 6.8  The loop number of the saved points list


Ÿ   Before saving a point, you can select the location of the added point on the right pane of the Playback page, as shown in Figure 6.9

Figure 6.9  Overwrite the current saved point


Table 6.4 lists the location description of a saved point.

Table 6.4  Description of the location of a saved point

Insert Location


Add At Last

Add a new point after the last saved point.

Insert Before Selected Row

Insert a point before the current saved point

OverWrite Selected Row

Overwrite the current saved point


Ÿ   Select a saved point and double-click the parameters on the line to modify the relevant information. The saved point information is shown as Figure 6.10.


Figure 6.10  The saved point information

Table 6.5 Parameter Description of the saved point




The command type of Dobot M1






Ÿ   CIRCLE: The method to save points in CIRCLE mode is the same as that of ARC mode. For details, please see 6.1.3 Saving Point in ARC Mode





The name of the current saved point, which is user-defined


The contents displayed depends on Type. You can double-click contents displayed in Content to modify them.

Ÿ   MOVL/MOVJ/JUMP/ARC/CIRCLE: Indicates the coordinate values, the velocity ratio and the jerk ratio of the movement when implementing playback.

If Type of the current saved point is MOVL, ARC, or CIRCLE, Armorientaion must be the same as that of the previous saved point.

In MOVL mode, if you modify the arm orientation of the current saved point, an alarm will be generated.

Ÿ   Trigger: Input of I/O interface

Ÿ   Output: Output of I/O interface

Ÿ   Wait: The pause time of the previous saved point


Ÿ   Select a saved point and right-click on the line to copy, delete or other operations, as shown in Figure 6.11.

Figure 6.11  Right click options of the saved points list


Ÿ   When modify the coordinates displayed in Content of which Type is motion mode, you can input the coordinate values manually or operate the operation panel to modify them.

1.         Select the saved point on the left pane of the Playback page, double-click contents displayed in Content.

The Motion Command Setting page is displayed, as shown in Figure 6.12.

Figure 6.12  Modify the current saved point

2.         Click the coordinate buttons on the operation panel pane of the Motion Command Setting page to jog Dobot M1. The coordinate is displayed on the Operation Panel pane of M1Studio page.

3.         Click Get Current Pose to obtain the coordinate of Dobot M1.

4.         Click Confirm to save the modified point.

Ÿ   If modifying the speed of all saved points at the same time is necessary, you can drag DynRatio to modify, as shown in Figure 6.13

Figure 6.13  Modify the peed of all saved points at the same time


Ÿ   If you don not click Apply DynRatio, the modified speed goes into effect temporarily. Vel and Jerk displayed on the Playback page will not be changed, and the modified speed will not be saved if you click save.

Ÿ   If you click Apply DynRatio, Vel and Jerk displayed on the Playback page will be changed, and the modified speed will be saved to Playback files if you click save.

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