6.1.1        Module Description

Dobot M1 supports teaching, playback, script control, and Blockly graphic programming. You can use M1Studio to control Dobot M1. Table 6.1 lists the corresponding applications on the M1Studio page.

On the M1Studio page, the Playback and Script tab are opened by default. If you need to open Blockly or I/O Assistant, please select the corresponding option on the Tools menu of the M1Studio page.

Table 6.1  The module description of M1Studio GUI




Teach Dobot M1 how to move and then record the movement to make Dobot M1 accomplish the recorded movements.


Control Dobot M1 by graphic programming. You can program through a puzzle interface which is intuitive and easy to understand.


Control Dobot M1 by scripting language.

I/O Assistant

Debug the I/O interface that used

Web Management

Execute the saved points lists in offline mode, and upgrade the firmware.


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