5.3.3        Debugging Emergency Stop Function


Ÿ   Dobot M1 has been powered on.

Ÿ   Dobot M1 has been connected to a PC successfully.

Ÿ   Dobot M1 has been connected to an emergency stop switch.


Step 1         Make Dobot M1 in the running state. For details, please see 6.2 Operating Teaching and Playback.

Step 2         Hold down the emergency stop button, to make Dobot M1 in the stopped status, as shown in Figure 5.20.

Figure 5.20  Emergency stop


Dobot M1 is stopped immediately with an alarm about emergency stop and the red LED indicator on the base is on, which indicates that the emergency stop function is OK.

Step 3         Rotate the emergency stop button clockwise.

The emergency stop button is bumped when rotating to 45°, which indicates the stopped status is cleared.

Step 4        Double-click the alarm tip generated on the M1Studio page, as shown in Figure 5.21

The Alarm and Log page is displayed.

Figure 5.21 Alarm tip

Step 5         Click Reboot on the Dobot M1 Alarm tab of Alarm and Log page to Restart Dobot M1, as shown in Figure 5.22.

If Dobot M1 can be running after rebooting, the stopped status is cleared successfully.

Figure 5.22  Alarm tab


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