1.2      Service Security


It is necessary to shut off the power supply before installing the robotic arm, to prevent any electric shock or malfunction.


The following security rules should be followed when using the robotic arm for installing, teaching and programing.

Ÿ   Be careful during the robotic arm carrying or installing. Please follow the instructions on the packing box to put down the robotic arm gently and place it correctly in direction of arrow.

Ÿ   Before operating the robotic arm, please find and understand how to operate the emergency stop function, ensure that the robotic arm can be stopped in an emergency.

Ÿ   You must connect the cables needed to the robotic arm first, and then power on the robotic arm.

Ÿ   When operating the robotic arm over the PC, please do not reach out into the workspace of the robotic arm, otherwise it will be vulnerable to injury the device or the person.

Ÿ   When the robotic arm is running, please do not plug in or out the power and communication cables at will.

Ÿ    Before disconnecting the external equipment from the robotic arm, such as 3D mouse, please make sure that the robotic arm is completely powered off.

Ÿ   When powering on robotic arm for the first time, please check Z-axis or J3 value from M1Studio. If the value is below 10mm, an alarm about limitation is generated and meanwhile the red indicator on the base of robotic arm is on, which is a normal phenomenon. At that point, you need to click J3+ under Joint coordinate system on the M1Studio page to jog robotic arm to the position where the J3 value is above 10mm, and then the alarm will be cleared.

Ÿ   When powering on for the first time, please ensure that the emergency stop switch has been opened (The emergency stop button is bumped). Otherwise, the robotic arm will not work normally. If the emergency stop switch is not opened, please rotate the emergency stop button clockwise. The emergency stop button will be bumped when rotating to 45°.

Ÿ   Please DO NOT connect power cable to Dobot M1 directly without power adapter. Otherwise, the machine will be damaged.

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