1.1      General Security


Robotic arm is an electrical equipment. Non-professional technicians cannot modify the wire, otherwise it is vulnerable to injury the device or the person.


The following security rules should be followed when using the robotic arm for industrial design and manufacture.

Ÿ   You should comply with local laws and regulations when operating the robotic arm. The security precautions in this document are only supplemental to local laws and regulations.

Ÿ   The DANGER, WARNING, and NOTICE marks in this document are only supplemental to the security precautions.

Ÿ   Please use the robotic arm in the specified environment scope. If not, exceeding the specifications and load conditions will shorten the service life of the product even damage the equipment.

Ÿ   Please ensure that the robotic arm is operated under security conditions and there is no harmful object around the robotic arm.

Ÿ   The hazardous area of the robotic arm is its workspace plus 100mm. In order to prevent people from entering the work area accidentally, it is necessary to build the safety barrier to prohibit people from entering the hazardous area.

Ÿ   When the temperature is close to the freezing temperature, the other operations on the robotic arm will not be allowed until the robotic arm moves at the rate of 10% or less for more than ten minutes to make itself warm up.

Ÿ   Highly corrosive cleaning is not suited to cleaning the robotic arm. The anodized components are not suitable for immersion cleaning.

Ÿ   Please execute daily inspection and regular maintenance, replace the defective parts in time, in order to keep the equipment in working order.

Ÿ   Please comply with the relevant laws to deal with the product which is scrapped, and protect the environment.

Ÿ   People cannot repair and disassemble the robotic arm without professional training. If there is a problem with the robotic arm, please contact Dobot technical support engineer in time.

Ÿ   Before operating and maintaining the robotic arm, the personnel responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance must be trained to understand the various security precautions and to master the correct methods of operation and maintenance.

Ÿ   Only trained and trained personnel may commission and set up the robotic arm.

Ÿ   Commissioning of the incomplete machine is prohibited until it has been installed in a machine and the whole machine complies with the provisions of the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC).

Ÿ   The robotic arm may only be operated with the associated standard equipment. Any other use of tools is deemed to be inaccurate use.

Ÿ   Only authorized personnel who are instructed in work safety must work on the machine.

Ÿ   Before the operation, please wear protective clothing, such as antistatic uniform, protective gloves and protective shoes.

Ÿ   It is prohibited to modify or remove the nameplates, instructions, icons and marks on the robotic arm and the related equipment.

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