4.2      LED Indicators

Table 4.2 lists the status of the LED indicators on the interface board and the external power box

Table 4.2 Description of the LED indicators



External power box indicator

The LED indicator is steady on when the external power box is powered on.

System indicator

Ÿ   All the LED indicators are off when Dobot M1 is powered off

Ÿ   Yellow LED indicator: when powering on, the yellow LED indicator in the base is steady on for about 15 seconds, and then blinks once. It is steady on again for about 5 seconds

Ÿ   Green LED indicator: when powered on, the yellow LED indicator in the base is off, the green one is steady on for about 5 seconds, and then is blinking. That means, Dobot M1 is in service

Ÿ   Blue LED indicator: The blue one is blinking, indicating that Dobot M1 is working in offline mode

Ÿ   Red LED indicator: The red one is steady on, indicating that an alarm is generated when Dobot M1 is running


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