3.3.2        Installing 3D Printing Kit

Figure 3.5 shows the 3D printing kit.

Figure 3.5  3D printing kit


Step 1         Install the 3D printing kit on the end effector to make the printing head and Forearm in a straight line and tighten the screws of the 3D printing kit using 2.5# hexagon wrench.

Step 2         Connect the connector of the 3D printing kit to the Forearm I/O interface, as shown in Figure 3.6.

Figure 3.6  Connect to Forearm I/O interface


Step 3         Install 3D printing filament. Please prepare the filament.

Press down the lever on the extruder by hand, and push down the filament to the bottom via pulley, as shown in Figure 3.7 and Figure 3.8.

Figure 3.7  Push down the filament (1)

Figure 3.8  Push down the filament (2)


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