Operating Homing Procedure


Ÿ   Only Dobot M1 of which SN number is DT2118xxxxx and later numbers has installed the homing switch. If not, this procedure is not supported.

xxx indicates the random number, please replace it based on site requirements.

Ÿ   Please make sure that the A9 firmware version is 02005800 or later, that the Dobot firmware version is 1.3.0 or later, that the driver firmware version is 1.3.2 or later before executing homing procedure. Otherwise, a limited alarm will be triggered when executing homing procedure, resulting in homing failure. The Dobot M1 firmware versions can be viewed on the M1Studio > Help > About M1Studio page. If the related versions are too low, please upgrade them. For details, please see 6.9.2 Upgrading Firmware.




Please DO NOT click Initialization.exe when executing homing procedure. Otherwise, Dobot M1 may move following an unexpected path, resulting in interference with peripheral equipment.


Step 1         The page shown in Figure 7.3 is displayed when the low battery voltage alarm is triggered.

Figure 7.3  Low battery voltage alarm


Step 2         Click Start Homing on the Low battery voltage alarm page.

Step 3         Select the tip shown in the page and click Homing, as shown in Figure 7.4.


This step is to make sure that there are no obstacles within the workspace, to avoid homing failure because of collision.

Figure 7.4  Homing procedure


Dobot M1 will move automatically according to the following steppes.

1.         J3 moves to the upper limit with a signal triggered by the homing switch, and moves backward at low speed to separate from the homing switch, and then stops moving.

2.         J1 and J2 move to the limit as lefty hand orientation with signals triggered by homing switches of J1 and J2, and move backward at low speed to separate from the homing switches, and then stop moving, indicating that Dobot M1 has moved to the homing point.

After the homing procedure is completed, the coordinate of the homing point is shown as Figure 7.5.


Figure 7.5  Homing point



If the coordinate you get is quite different from Figure 7.5, it indicates that the homing procedure is failed, please re-execute as follows.

Step 1         Reset Encoder. For details, please see Step 11in Replacing Encoder Battery.

Step 2         Reconnect M1Studio and Dobot M1.

Step 3         Select Tools > Home on the M1Stduio page to re-execute the homing procedure.

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