7.2.2        Greasing Guide Rail of Z-axis

If the guide rail is used without grease, the guide rail will be worn down and the service life will be reduced. You need to grease the guide rail every two weeks for long service.


Please prepare the correct-size syringe (a diameter of no more than 2cm) and needle to ensure that the syringe can touch the guide rail of Z-axis.


Step 1         Move Dobot M1 to the bottom of Z-axis and power off Dobot M1.

Step 2         Stretch the syringe with needle into the guide rail from the gap in the top of the shell of Z-axis, as shown in Figure 7.2. Inject two or three drops of grease on each side of guide rail respectively. The grease of which the kinematic viscosity is 30cst to 150cst is recommended, such as engine oil.

After 15 minutes, restart Dobot M1 to put it into use.

Figure 7.2  Guide rail of Z-axis


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