7.2.1        Greasing Screw Rod of Z-axis

If the grease on the screw rod has been used up, the screw rod may be worn down and make a noise. You need to check the grease every other year. If the grease is applied too much or uneven, the load of motor may be increased and the grease may be dripped from the screw rod. You can check whether the grease is used up by wiping the surface of the screw rod with air-laid paper. If there is no grease on the air-laid paper, the grease is used up.


Step 1         Please power off Dobot M1 and remove the Z-axis cover with 2.5# hexagon wrench.

Step 2         Restart Dobot M1.

Step 3         Select the corresponding serial port from the serial drop-down list, and click Connect.

If Connect turns to Disconnect, the connection is successful, and Dobot M1 can be controlled by M1Studio.

Step 4         Click the  icon of Motor on the Operation Panel pane of the M1Studio page to make Dobot M1 in the open-loop state

Step 5         Move Dobot M1 to the bottom of Z-axis by hand.

Step 6         Apply moderate amount of grease on the screw rod. The type of grease is 3# Lithium Grease.

Please apply the grease evenly with specialized oil brush. Figure 7.1 shows the screw rod of Z-axis.

Figure 7.1  Screw rod of Z-axis

Step 7         Move Dobot M1 to the top of Z-axis by hand.

Step 8         Apply a small quantity of grease evenly on the bottom of the screw rod.

Step 9         Move up and down the Z-axis to the limitation repeatedly (3-5 times) to scrap the grease stored on each end.

Step 10      Power off Dobot M1 and install the Z-axis cover with 2.5# hexagon wrench.

It can be put into use after installation.

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