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World Robot Contest 2018 Invitation, Join DOBOT Smarter Manufacturing Challenge Today!


What is World Robot Contest 2018?

As the biggest Chinese robotic competition, the World Robot Conference(WRC) 2018 will be held in Beiging Yichuang International Exhibition & Convention Center from August 15th to 19th, 2018, which is organized by The People's Government of Beijing, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Association fro Science and Technology, Chinese Institute of Electronics etc. "The World Robot Contest 2018" as an important part of Conference, is regarded as the "Olympic" in robot industry by press. The contest includes BCT Controlled Robot Contest, Tri-Co Robot Contest, Industrial Robot Skills Contest, World Youth Design Contest and International USV Open. Over 10, 000 teams, 100 top robotics experts and 50, 000 contestants from nearly 20 countries and regions will participate in this event.

DOBOT is the honorable partner for WRC held DOBOT Smarter Manufacturing Challenge. Here we're pleased to invite you and your team to China attend " The World Robot Contest 2018". In this event, teams will compete with other teams, conduct international communication and discusss the achievement of robots.

Competition Name Date Venue
The World Robot Contest International Finals 2018 July 26th to 30th ,2018 Wuhan Sprots Center Stadium
The World Robot Contest Classic 2018 August 15th to 19th, 2018 Beijing Yichuang International Exhibition & Convention Center

About DOBOT Smarter Manufacturing Challenge

Robotic arms can imitate human-like motions. They are automated devices used to grab, carry objects or operate tools. Robotic arms were the first industrial robots. They are also regarded as the earliest form of modern robots. With the rise of technology, robotic arms could do more than just follow coded instructions. They can be fitted with various sensors to enable smarter operation. They can takeover labor-intensive tasks to achieve mechanized and automated production and be operated in hazardous conditions while humans stay in safety. That is why robotic arms are widely used in mechanical manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, light industry and atomic energy sectors.

To popularize the concept of Industry 4.0, the organizers will help contestants learn about robotics and sensors, master programming skills, and cultivate logical thinking through a simulated manufacturing environment that use robots to automate the sorting of goods.

  1. Contestants will experiment with different configurations, practice on-site collaboration and programming. Assessment will be based on the students' creativity and hands-on abilities.
  2. Moreover, through teamwork and communication, students will practice working together and coordinating efforts.  The essential goal is for students to follow requirements given out on-site and strategize accordingly to finish the challenge.
  3. The introduction of lightweight desktop robots as the contest platform. Promoting the application of high-tech products in education and exploring new modes of science education.
  4. The combination of individual events and team events will celebrate both individual talents as well as showcase team collaboration.

DOBOT WRC photo gallery

Rules Summary:

Dobot Magician project presentation

Types of Events:

The DOBOT Smarter Manufacturing Challenge consists of three events. The Smart Sorting Individual Event and Joint Team Event are geared towards elementary, middle and high school students. The Smart Challenge-Visual Event geared towards college and vocational students.

  1. The Individual Event is where participating teams program a robotic arm to sort and carry raw material to a given location (unloading zone). Download the detail rules here>>
  2. The Joint Team Event requires two robotic arms (two teams) to draw lots and form a joint team. The joint team that carries the most material to the final destination and stack them in an orderly fashion wins. Download the detail rules here>>
  3. The Smart Challenge (College Visual Event) simulates a smart manufacturing environment that consists of a conveyor belt and two robotic arms controlled by each team. They will use intelligent programs to control the robots and computer vision to complete the loading, sorting and assembly of materials. Completing production and processing according to different manufacturing requirements. Download the detail rules here>>

Event Venue and Task Summary:

  1. Transporting Material: Clear the raw material loading area of objects or transport them to a given location.
  2. Object sorting and stacking: sort different colored objects according to color point zones and stack them.
  3. Object detection (college level): using vision or color sensors to differentiate objects that do not conform to color standards, thereby performing defect detection.
  4. Object assembly (college level): Stack objects in a certain order according to color to complete assembly requirements.

Event Venue:

Joint Team Event Venue

Individual Event Venue               Joint Team Event Venue

Task Items: the simulated materials are cubes sized 25x25x25mm (figure 2), colored red, blue and green.

simulated materials are cubes size

Event Stages

Event Stages of DOBOT WRC

1) Preparation

Participating teams setup machine and equipment in relevant area according to event requirements.

2) Announce Event Rules and Details

The current event initial conditions and task requirement details are announced at this time.

3) Debugging

After the announcement of initial conditions, the teams need to finish debugging programs for transporting and sorting objects and complete all modifications to programs within the time limit and be ready for the event.

4) Announce Event Task Conditions

Announce the current event's task conditions. Teams need to prepare for the event according to task conditions within the time limit.

5) Match Time

In the match phase, teams turn on machines at the request of judges and complete the required tasks. Unless required by rule, contestants may not manually operate or interfere with machines or objects in the event venue.

6) Scoring

The panel of judges will score each team according to performance and form a final score.

7)  Entry Requirements

  • Middle School Tier (includes elementary school): current elementary school and middle school students; each team consists of 1 teacher and 2 contestants.
  • High School Tier (includes vocational schools): current high school and vocational school students; each team consists of one teacher and two contestants.
  • College and Vocational College Tier: current full-time colleges, universities and vocational college students; 1 supervising teacher and 2-4 students.

Contact Information

Contact: Una Tao

Phone: 13684910706


DOBOT Website:

WRC website:

How to Join This Competition?

If you and your team are interested in this competition, please download this application and send to before June 20th, 2018.


Here are some questions you may ask:

1. About the cost, those teams need to pay the flights and Visa to China, we will cover the cost after they arrived in China including food, transportation, hotel.

2. About the product, we can send DOBOT to them after they applied the information, please ask them complete the application HERE ASAP, the deadline is June 20th, 2018.

3. About the rules and official invitation, here is the demo video for the rules: 

Official invitation will be sent after got the application.

4. About the computer, it would be better if they can bring personal computer and it will cut down the adjusting time for them.

5. About the hotel, that would be a 5-star hotel arranged by WRC , after they arrived in the airport, we will have BUS to pick them up to hotel directly

6. About technical staff, we definitely will arrange some technical supports to help complete the whole competition.

7. Students can learn our software online by downloading here: 

8. About the team numbers, we have 20 international team request right now, let me know how many you can recruit for us, just try your best.