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Experience the All-in-one Robot Education Solution from DOBOT at GESS 2019


On 26 February 2019, the leading education conference & exhibition in the Middle East - GESS (Global Educational Supplies & Solutions) officially opened in Dubai, where DOBOT brought with its multifunctional Magician and its huge accessory family to showcase DOBOT’s unique all-in-one robot education solution.


Can you imagine what capabilities DOBOT Magician possesses after equipped with different accessories? Four DOBOT demonstrating projects at the three-day GESS 2019 can give you a quick glimpse of the unlimited secondary development possibilities of the multifunctional educational robot – DOBOT Magician.

Let's take a closer look!

1. Calligraphy via DOBOT Magician

A sliding linear rail can turn DOBOT Magician into a calligraphy robot, which can record human’s handwriting via iPad and control the movement of the brush to finish imitating the writing.

DOBOT Calligraphy Robot

2. Robot with Vision

DOBOT Arduino artificial intelligence suite provides various input modules, including voice recognition and machine vision. The Pixy module allows the robot to see and recognize the color and shape of the target objects.


3. Mini Assembly Line

When DOBOT Magician meets with a conveyor belt, a color sensor, and a photoelectric sensor, a mini assembly line can be created with ease. Then you can enjoy the fun of automated operations!

Mini Assembly Line

4. CoSpace-DOBOT Logistics Robot Challenge

Have you ever wanted to join a robot challenge? Now you can experience the CoSpace-DOBOT Logistics Robot Challenge on-site, which provides participants with a cost-effective robotic platform for learning robotics and artificial intelligence technologies related to Industry 4.0.

Logistics Robot Challenge

Besides DOBOT Magician, DOBOT brought MOOZ to GESS as well, which attracted a large volume of people for its quality printed artworks. DOBOT MOOZ is a versatile modular 3D printer that can be used to perform 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC carving by simply replacing the end tool. Particularly, the newly introduced modular color-mixing 3D printer MOOZ-3 even features a delta structure, high efficiency, and a three-color print head for you to easily 3D print in blending or mixed colors.


About GESS 2019

GESS 2019 is the biggest education exhibition in the Middle East. Numerous educators come to GESS every year to further their knowledge, learn from their peers and continue to promote the highest quality of education, with visitors coming from 92 countries to experience over 550 brands exhibiting the latest and most innovative educational products and solutions.