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DOBOT MOOZ Review by Cut, Burn, and Melt All the Things With This Insane Dobot Mooz Machine


DOBOT MOOZ just received a review by Joe Coburn on The review gave MOOZ a 9 out of 10, describing it as "an easy-to-assemble 3D printer kit, with optional CNC or laser engraving modules. This is a versatile machine, albeit a slow one". Here is the 6-minute video created by MakeUseOf, giving you a direct experience of how MOOZ works.

MakeUseOf has carried out a thorough test of MOOZ's three functions, including 3D printing, CNC carving, and laser engraving . The outcomes are perfect as shown in the pictures below.

3D printing model

3D Printing Model by MOOZ

CNC carving example

CNC Carving Example by MOOZ

laser printing logo

Laser Engraving Logo by MOOZ

Here are some comments and tips in the review for using MOOZ: 

"Laser engraving burns the surface of your material and produces a permanent etching. This could be words, artwork, or photos. It's a bit like a tattoo for objects. This works really well, but you'll need to experiment with materials. "

"The CNC module produces excellent results. A stunning level of detail can be achieved, and even materials with a poor surface finish are transformed by removing the top layer of material. This is the perfect tool for carving logos or small designs. PCB manufacturing is another excellent use."

"As you would expect from such a premium machine, the print quality is fantastic! It is surprising how well prints come out, and how it “just works”. You’ll need to spend some time perfecting speeds and temperatures for your own prints, but the factory-provided models are all ready to go."

Check out for the full DOBOT MOOZ review by Don't forget to join the competition at the end of the review to win a free MOOZ.

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