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DOBOT Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge 2020 Unveiled Champions & Award Winners


FOSHAN, China, Dec. 6, 2020 -- DOBOT Intelligent Manufacturing, an annual robotics competition for aspiring young innovators, concluded its 2020 competition in Foshan, China. 167 teams comprising 600 contestants across 9 provinces in the country outsmarted their fellow competitors in the regionals and made their stunning appearances in the finals. 

As the official competition for the World Robot Contest for four consecutive years, the DOBOT Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge 2020 focuses on intelligent waste classification as its theme, aiming to raise awareness among young people on waste management and environmental protection. The competition is open to primary schoolers, middle schoolers, high schoolers and college students. Each level comes with different tasks for participants to compete. 

The champion (in the middle), runner-up (left) and second runner up (right) for the primary school group

The champions for middle school, high school and college group (from left to right)

Nerve-wracking moments during the competition

Contestants shed tears for their surprisingly underwhelming performance

"I am always interested in robotics and artificial intelligence because they bring so much convenience to life." Luhan Wang, a contestant from No.1 Primary School of Zibo High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, said, "The competition is really fun and educating. Because it is about waste classification and environmental protection, we printed out everything needed from stickers, blocks to bins. All of them are made of recyclable filaments."

The program "Search for Truth" from Hunan TV, China's second-most-watched television network, interviewed contestants who were pumped up from competing

Beautifully-3D printed garbage bins by contestants

"We're truly proud of all the hard work and dedication from our amazing contestants. We'd like to congratulate all the winners for putting on such a wonderful performance. ", said Mr. Yang Jun, director of DOBOT Education Department. "To overcome everything and make the event even happen, it's like a dream come true. We are grateful and moved by all the students' enthusiasm and passion for the game. We will continue to create a platform for young, aspiring engineers and roboticists to celebrate their talent and achievements." 


About DOBOT Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge

DOBOT Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge is a series of global youth robotics competitions hosted by DOBOT. The competition is one of the major official competitions for the Youth Design Contest of the World Robot Contest, which is part of the World Robot Conference.

Each year, DOBOT gives students of varied levels special themed tasks to complete and compete. The aim is to inspire and foster the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers.