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DOBOT Brought Its All-perceptive Robotic Product Ecosystem to World Robot Conference 2018


On August 15th, the five-day World Robot Conference 2018 (WRC 2018) kicked off at the Beijing International Exhibition Center. WRC is the largest, most international and high-level robotic event in the robotics field. Represented by DOBOT, top robot companies from all over the world gathered here to display their cutting-edge high-end robotic technologies, exchange thoughts on technology development and look forward to the future. Through exploring possible cooperating methods, all these companies aim to contribute their unique wisdom and solutions to the global robot education and industrial development.

At this year's conference, DOBOT (Booth No.: Hall A 106), the world's leading technological solution provider for robotic products from Shenzhen, China, brought together full-perceptual robot products including DOBOT Magician, DOBOT M1, and DOBOT Industrial Robot Series to the conference. The company showcased a professional all-in-one solution tailored for K12 education, vocational schools and college artificial intelligence education.


Apart from the collective debut of the full-perceptual robot series, DOBOT Technology set up several interactive experiencing sessions at the exhibition site. According to the on-site staff: “Writing Chinese calligraphy, Arduino voice control, candy sorting with DOBOT robotic arm and other interactive programs not only allow the audience to experience the real fun of interacting with the robotic arm, but also further establish a close connection between the audience and the robotic arm ."

Proper applications of robots can evoke students' natural interest of artificial intelligence, thus nurturing them into innovative talents needed in the current era. As an artificial intelligence teaching tool, DOBOT intelligent training robot can cultivate students' awareness of artificial intelligence technology through various tasks, support students' innovative design, and effectively assist teachers in artificial intelligence teaching.


The person in charge of the Education Department of DOBOT said: "DOBOT is committed to supporting artificial intelligence education, aiming at creating an economical, efficient and innovative education ecological chain, and tailoring professional all-in-one solutions for K12 education, vocational schools and college artificial intelligence education.” In the exhibition area of DOBOT, the audience can experience the education training course for artificial intelligent robot and make face-to-face interaction with DOBOT education robot, which can help the visitors further grasp the essence of the company’s solution for artificial intelligent robot education.



Get a Glimpse of DOBOT’s Core Competitiveness

DOBOT focuses on the development of fully-perceived lightweight robotic arms that integrate perception and interaction. The company did all the research and development on its own in major technological areas like vision, controlling, drivers, and main parts of the machine. DOBOT utilized fully self-developed encoders, controllers, and drivers to support the core technology of one drive with four motors.

Thanks to its accumulated advantages in deep learning, intelligent control, human-machine cooperation and machine assembly, DOBOT has created a mature product system in the fields of education, industry, and commerce. Over 90% of the technologies used by its robotic products are developed domestically. In addition, the global market share of the lightweight intelligent robot arms has already reached 70%.


What Are the Missions of DOBOT’s Different Product Series?

Committed to truly liberating humans from labour by applying artificial intelligence, DOBOT has always focused on accelerating technological innovation and improving the quality of robotic products, which fully cover sectors of industry, commerce and education.

  • Industry. The unique DOBOT industrial robot arm series has reached a successful strategic cooperation with Tencent Cloud to jointly support the construction of a smart chemical plant, paving the way for promoting Industry 4.0.
  • Commerce. The consumer-level products of DOBOT are committed to providing more convenient and smarter products for ordinary consumers and making their lives better.
  • Education. The educational product series represented by DOBOT Magician is designed to promote robot education and popularizes artificial intelligence knowledge starting from the fundamentals.

How About the Applications of DOBOT?

So far, DOBOT has established cooperation with many first-class domestic and international institutions of higher learning, including Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shandong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, and Sydney University of Science and Technology. The company is responsible for providing products and solutions for teaching and research activities (such as factory automation, intelligent production and management). At the same time, DOBOT also cooperates with primary schools, middle high schools and vocational schools in various places to create training courses such as Maker Lab and Intelligent Filling System.