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Color-mixing 3D Printing Contest Winner Anouncement


For all winners, please claim the prize before October 15th, 2018 via or facebook: All coupon codes will be expired before October 31st, 2018. Thanks
Here is the final contest result of color-mixing contest after collected your feedback and based on our unbiased judgement.

1. 1st Prize - Multicolored Telescope
By Soldano Francesco, votes: 410

2. 2nd Prize - Groover Vase!
By @Sven Abrahamsson, votes: 128

3. 3rd Prize - Multi Color Bottle!
By @Mathieu, votes: 58, The rainbow planter
By @Marion vote: 68 and Vase 2.0, | Refined version
By Timo Zikeli , vote: 32

Here are some notes:

1. the artwork printed by @Mina Ebeid can't tell the color-mixing feature from the post, video and image (DM me if i made mistake). While Multicolored Telescope By Soldano Francesco shared the timelapse video to share the whole procedure and the artwork looks nite with highest votes: 410. Based on his previous contributes in our group, i am highly convinced that it's possible to get 410 votes even the views only 516.

2. Sven Abrahamsson contributed 2 excellent works, though Infinity Hex Chain in Flame Colours granted higher votes, we would like to offer the second prize to her Groover Vase. Cause in this artwork, she shared the whole procedure of making this stuff and the pictures are HD with good looking.

3. 3rd Prize - Multi Color Bottle! By @Mathieu, votes: 58, after checked the video, you will know how much effort Mathieu spent to make this bottle. This is the artwork with the highest comments.Though he may not good at Fusion 360, he tried his best to share how to make it step by step. We encourage such kind of maker spirit. For other 2 winners: both of them are focus on "color-mixing" theme and got high votes from others.

4. You can upload multiple artworks, we won't repeat calculate the votes, but more artworks can be more opportunities for you to win.

5. We encourage and respect any artworks who made by you and it would be better if you can share step-by-step details about how you made it, which inspired others to share more.

6. In the future contest, votes will be one of the judgement, but not the only one.

Thanks for your all efforts for this contest, please DM me via or facebook: your latest shipping address with contact number for 1st and 2nd prize. For 3rd prize and all other participates, please friend me to get the coupon code.