In order to run Dobot, please download the softwares and files according to your Dobot Arm’s Model..
  • dobotstudio2020 v1.0.0
    DobotStudio2020-Setup-1.0.0.exe    2020. 09. 08
    205 MB
    Version Description:
    DobotStudio New upgrade, better experience
    - New features: Points list, I/O alias, User coordinate system & Tool coordinate system, and pallet.
    - Various programming methods to choose: Teach&Playback, Graphical programming, and Script programming.
    - New UI and interaction provide a pleasure user experience.
    - design: devices, applications and plug-ins can be extended. More devices and functions will be supported in the future.
    - Automatic updates keep your software up to date.
    More features to be explored!
    * The current version of DobotStudio 2020 only supports Dobot M1. Please update Dobot M1’s firmware to the latest version following the software push.
    * Thank you for trying out this beta version. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please submit them on the Menu > Help > Feedback page or email to . We will continue to improve the user experience of the software.

    If you have trouble downloading directly, click here to download on Google Drive.
    205 MB
  • Dobot M1 A9 firmware 0086
    a9_app-0086.tar    2020. 08. 07
    A9 version:86:
    1、Add PTPPO function
    2、Add User Coordinate System and Tool Coordinate System
    3、Add DIS, DOS, ADCS functions
    4、Add API commands (SetUserCoordinate, GetUserCoordinate, SetToolCoordinate, GetToolCoordinate )
    5、Repair the linear prediction problem of encoder
    6、Repair the problem that the points calculated by pallet are wrong in offline mode
    7、Repair the problem that the J2 and J3 joints are out of limitation when switching to User Coordinate System
    8、Repair the problem that the movement is not continuous when connecting to upper computer
    9、Repair the J3 overspeed alarm problem when running jump command in non-base coordinate system
    10、Decrease encoder SPI speed for improving performance
    11、Update homing interface ID for DobotStudio2020
    12、Improve the criteria of overpseed without calibration and the calibration data is not clear
    13、The 86 version of A9 is not compatible with M1Studio