In order to run Dobot, please download the softwares and files according to your Dobot Arm’s Model..
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Dobot Scratch  v1.4.0    2020. 04. 30
120 MB
The main changes in this software are:
1. Add tutorial center;
2. Support viewing Python programming;
3. Detail optimization and bug fix.
120 MB
  • Dobot Scratch User Guide v1.4.0
    Dobot-Scratch-User-Guide-V1.4.0.pdf    2020. 05. 30
    This manual introduces the use of Dobot Scratch, including equipment connection, building blocks, etc., for the convenience of users to understand and use Dobot Scratch.
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    Dobot Scratch User Guide v1.3.1
    Dobot-Scratch-User-Guide-V1.3.1.pdf    2020. 01. 21