In order to run Dobot, please download the softwares and files according to your Dobot Arm’s Model..
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Most Frequent Download
Magician Studio  v1.6.10
DobotStudio(Windows)    2018. 10. 26
239 MB
1.Fix the problem that the picture cannot be saved in the user-defined directory when clicking the Save or Save as button.
2.Add the tip that anti-virus software should be closed before updating the DobotStudio.
3.Fix the problem that the software is crashed because the SSID in WIFI module is too long.
4.Fix the problem that the set language and the shown language are different.
5、Fix the problem that there is no 3D animation in the LeopMotion module.
6、Fix the problem that the picture import is abnormal on the writing&drawing page.
239 MB
  • Dobot Communication Protocol v1.1.3
    Dobot-Magician-Communication-Protocol-V1.1.3.pdf    2018. 11. 27
    The document is available for communication protocol of commands or data interaction between Dobot Magician upper computer and Dobot Magician robot arm.
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    Dobot Communication Protocol v1.0.4
    Dobot-Communication-Protocol-V1.0.4.pdf    2017. 05. 05
  • Dobot Demo v2.0    2018. 12. 04
    144 MB
    This package includes Dobot Dll files(win 32&64), Dll source code, precompiled Dll for Linux and several kinds of Demo:

    1) MFC based on Visual studio C++2008 and above;

    2) Demo based on QT5.6;

    3) C# Demo based on Visual studio 2013 and above;

    4) Demo based on Python 3.5;

    5) STM32 Demo for embedded controller;

    6) Arduino Demo based on communication protocol (arduino mega board);

    7)VB Demo based on Visual;

    8) Java Demo;

    9) Multi-control DemoForQt5.6;

    10) Dobot SDK demo V1.0.0 for iOS; 11) Bluetooth demo for Android.

    144 MB
  • ROS Demo for Dobot magician    2018. 09. 04
    Dobot magician use ROS Demo in the Linux system, this demo doesn’t rely on the serial, while automatically adapting to x86 and x64, the demo use ubuntu16.04 X64 system and ros version ROS Kinetic Kame.
  • Dobot Magician Demo Description 
    dobot-magician-demo-description.pdf    2018. 03. 09
    This document describes the secondary development environment building and demo codes in multiple languages( mainly for Dobot demoV2.0), frameworks, and systems, aiming to help secondary developer to understand common API of Dobot Magician and build development environment quickly.
  • Dobot Magician API Description v1.2.2
    Dobot-Magician-API-Description-V1.2.2.pdf    2018. 11. 07
  • MagicianMatLabDemo 
    Magician-MATLAB-Demo(en).zip    2018. 12. 21
    Based on MATLAB Demo, includes Dobot DLL, demo with calling PTP commands, and demo description. Updated description:Clear compilation warnings.
  • Dobot Magician Labview Demo v1.0    2018. 09. 04
  • Dobot Magician Demo(PLC) v1.0.0
    Dobot-Magician-Demo(PLC).zip    2018. 09. 12
  • DobotMCU v3.6.12    2018. 09. 21
    135 KB
    135 KB
  • Dobot Magician ALARM Description 
    Dobot-Magician-ALARM-Description.pdf    2018. 12. 21
    996 KB
    This document describes the alarms of Dobot Magician and provides the solutions to clear alarm.
    996 KB