In order to run Dobot, please download the softwares and files according to your Dobot Arm’s Model..
  • DOBOT CR3 Hardware User Guide v1.3
    Dobot-CR3-Hardware-User-Guide-V1.3.pdf    2022. 05. 19
    This Document describes the functions, technical specifications, installation guide and maintenance of DOBOT CR3 robot, making it easy for users to fully understand and use it.
  • Dobot Blockly User Guide(CR) 
    Blockly User Manual (CR Robot).pdf    2021. 10. 22
    Graphical programming manual for industrial robots (CR series) in Yuejiang
  • Dobot Lua Syntax Guide(CR) 
    Dobot Lua Syntax Guide(CR Robot).pdf    2021. 10. 25
    474 KB
    Lua script programming manual for cooperative robot (CR) in Yinjiang.
    474 KB