Volkswagen Uses Dobot Magician in Education Production Line with Siemens PLC



Volkswagen has made a full production line simulating the real car assembly line, assembling a model bus. In each station, there is detailed screen demonstrating the real situation. Dobot Magician works perfectly in the line. Videos are available on YouTube.


DOBOT Magician was utilized in Volkswagen production line with Siemens PLC to produce a bus. It's said that this case would be shown in the training of Volkswagen new workers. It'll help show the process of intelligent welding and automatic installation in automated manufacturing simulated by DOBOT Magician.

1. Dobot Magician is integrated with the PLC system inside.
2. Dobot Magician works in multiple stations performing different functions.
3. The whole system is also very high tech.

Check the video here to know more details about this project:

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