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The Small Intelligent Robot Lab of China University of Mining and Technology is established after three years of development and supported by Jiangsu Province and the robotics fund of the university, which exceeded 1 million yuan. Currently, 60 undergraduates majoring in robotics engineering are taught courses in robotics, robot dynamics and control, and robot system design and application. At the same time, the lab also carries out well-received comprehensive training for 30 outstanding students of mechanical engineering, and provides projects to a total of more than 1400 undergraduate students in the four grades of mechanical engineering. The current challenges mainly are students' lack of knowledge of robot control principles and lack of proficiency in related operating software. Hands-on practice of robots should be provided for students to better understand and master relevant knowledge and operations, including D-H model, kinematics, mechanical arm control, etc., to efficiently integrate theory with practice.


Project Purpose

The main purpose of the lab is to provide experimental hardware equipment for teaching the basics of robotics, robot dynamics and control, and robot system design and application, thus training students' capabilities in kinematics, dynamics analysis, electromechanical transmission, automatic control, etc. Through the combination of theory and practice, the university anticipates that students can truly master the principles of the robot system and the role of machine vision, and strengthen their understanding of theory through practical experiences.

Project Outcome

1. Simulated sorting and handling system based on DOBOT Magician robotic arm and conveyor belt: enable students to further approach multi-degree-of-freedom industrial robots, and boost students' love and interest in robots by simulating robot identification, sorting and transmission in actual production;

2. Calligraphy writing system based on the DOBOT Magician robotic arm and slide rail: enable students to realize that the robot can be applied to real life and bring actual benefits, so that they are interested in learning broader robot knowledge;

3. Sorting system based on DOBOT Magician robotic arm and vision kit: give students the opportunity to learn advanced knowledge in visual recognition and other fields, so that students can be more motivated by innovation during their undergraduate study;

4. Mapping and navigating system based on DOBOT M1+AGV: use ROS system, radar navigation, robot arm linkage, map modeling and other advanced technologies, currently in the advanced field in the country. Development opportunities are abundant for students to freely choose based on their own interest, further training their programming, debugging and building skills.

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