Robotics & Engineering Courses at Summa College in the Netherlands



Dutch Technology Teacher Jorg Duitsman Teaches Engineering with Dobot Magician and Trains More Teachers to Do the Same

In August 2018, Jorg Duitsman started his teaching position in the departments of Mechatronics and International Engineering at Summa College. Jorg is a long-term lover of technology and maker education. Like any other technology teachers, Jorg was eager to find a better way to teach problem solving, critical thinking, and other important 21st century skills in classrooms. That’s when he started searching and found DOBOT. Later on, he purchased 20 Dobot magicians and two Dobot m1 for his school.


About Summa College

Summa College is home to 26 secondary vocational schools in Eindhoven, Dutch, offering more than 200 vocational training courses in different learning paths and at different levels. The school is known for its enormous range of studies, for example, laboratories, hairdressers and of course engineering.


Engineering Course in Summa College

Jorg has around 500 students in his 4-level engineering course, the highest MBO level in the Netherlands. MBO means secondary vocational education that prepares students for a wide range of occupations, from franchise manager to mechanic or nursing assistant. He also trains other teachers.


How Jorg Practices Teaching with Dobot Magicians

With 20 Dobot Magicians in place, Jorg started teaching robotics with 4 classes of 25 in 2019. His international students also worked with Dobot robots this year and were assigned to design a gripper in Solidworks, a solid modeling CAD and CAE computer program, to pick up a Toblerone chocolate bar. Because of the COVID19, they couldn’t really make the project, but students made the drawing for the project anyway. Next year they will start with all the first years when around 200 students are expected to fiddle with Dobot Magician/M1.


What Students Have Learned

-how to control Dobot Magician through teach and play method and programming on Blockly

-how to combine different systems PLC/Arduino/Raspberry Pi with the Dobot robots

-how to apply robots in real world and make a difference

-how to use different sensors and figure out which one is necessary

“We love Dobot magician because it is easy to learn robotics in the basis. After that, you can combine it with everything you want and make it as hard as you can. Also, the price is interesting because now we can work with a lot of robots instead of one very expensive one. The carts that we have built for the student are there because we have a lot of classes. Now every class is divided into groups. For now, we know exactly who has been working on with robots. We can also combine the carts together so we can do group projects.”---Jorg Duitsman, the department of Mechatronics and International Engineering, Summa College