Researchers at ETH Zurich Use Dobot Magician to Develop No-Touch Robotics Solution



With the steep rise of automation and robotics across industries, the requirements for robotic grippers become increasingly demanding. By using acoustic levitational forces, No-​Touch Robotics develops damage and contamination-free contactless robotic grippers for handling highly fragile objects. Such grippers can beneficially be applied in the field of micro-assembly and the semiconductor industry, resulting in an increased production yield, reduced waste, and high production quality by completely eliminating damage inflicted during handling. (sources:



On Jan 6, Marcel Schuck, a researcher at ETH Zurich launched his prototype,a no-touch robotics solution. The solution aims to address the challenge of gripping delicate and small components in the watchmaking industry and semiconductor industry. Schuck uses software to adjust the acoustic gripper to the shape of the object to be lifted, and the then Dobot Magician will transport the object to the target destination. The acoustic gripper eliminates the need for an extensive set of expensive high-​precision grippers. 
According to the ETH website, the solution would be perfect for industries that are likelier to suffer from high costs because of the damage caused to small components, such as the watchmaking industry and semiconductor industry. With hopes of turning this prototype into something larger, Schuck is now looking for partners to collaborate for the further development of the prototype while satisfying existing market needs with it.  Schuck also reckons he would establish a start-up based on his ingenious business idea if all goes well.