The Dobot Robot Training Program for Jr.Astronatus



Using DoBot Robots to Train Our Jr. Astronuats, Scientists and Engineers. Ten students from the Long Beach Unified School District's CAMS (California Academy of Mathemtics and Science) High School have received fellowships to study with Bob Barboza and his engineers and scientists working on builidng Tiger Teams for the Occupy Mars Learning Adventures STEAM++ Program. We have created custom software and training materials to intergreate our new astronuat hardware and software tools.


Dobot Robots working on Mars, The Dobot robot allows our students to make parts for other robots. Here's some photos to show the details.

Jr.Astronatus students use Dobot Magician

Dobot Magician in Barboza space center

Dobot Robots working on Mars

make robot with Dobot Magician

2017 NASA Astronaut Candidates

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