Dobot Magician, M1 & MOOZ Printers Aids A Robotics & AI Training Center in Nigeria



About Bliss Robot Education Hub, Nigeria

Bliss Robot Education Hub is a robotics and artificial intelligence training center in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. The hub is committed to using modern technology to teach STEAM concepts to school-aged children across Nigeria. The aim is to enhance their critical thinking skills and give them a platform to use creativity and innovation for problem solving.


Curriculum & Class Size

262 students aged 8-17 from over 6 schools across Lagos, Nigeria get to design and build projects with Dobot robots and 3D printers one hour per week for a whole year.


How Teachers Practice Teaching

- Preparation work including fully understanding how Dobot robots and 3d printers and putting safety measures in place for younger children

- Obtained some guidelines from Dobot to come up with weekly training plans for each 3D printer

- Come up with design challenges for students to solve


What Students Have Learned

- What 3D design and modeling are and how they work

- How to program and troubleshoot the robot arms and printers in order to get the desired results


Project Exhibition

”Our students are quite excited to use the Dobot 3D printers. It was easy to introduce them to it and get them to make their first print”
-------Trainer from BredHub Nigeria