DOBOT Magician Headlines IN-MaC Lab at Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA)



Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA), together with Indiana Next Generation Manufacturing Competitiveness Center(IN-MaC) set up a Design and Innovation Studio, which is located at SIA and first opened its doors to students grades 5 through 12 on October 12, 2018.

Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) is looking ahead to what production will look like in the years to come. More than three million jobs need to be filled in manufacturing through the year 2025, but only an estimated two million workers will be qualified to fill that need. For SIA, a plant celebrating 30 years of automotive production, the math just doesn't add up.

DOBOT Magician desktop robotic arm comes in handy for the lab where students learn about technologies like robotics and artificial intelligence and connect the dots between their school activities and the real world of manufacturing. Hopefully, they could develop a greater understanding of how those technologies can lead to an exciting career in manufacturing.

"The first time we got 18 and the second time we got 35," says Provo. "I was the person who took apart and the person who checked to make sure all looked good." Graves says the process helped show them how an assembly line works.

"Everybody had a different part in the assembly line," says Graves. "You had to make a car, and if you had tiny pieces, it was harder to get them on."

It is a 1,000 square foot space filled with DOBOT Magician robots, 3D printers, construction sets, and virtual reality systems. The stations provide hands-on learning to students who visit and a chance to see, hold, and experience technology that they may typically not get to work within the classroom. Since opening, the lab has served more than 2,000 students from 19 Indiana counties and one in Illinois.

On the SIA field trip, students not only go into the lab, but they get a catwalk tour of the facility. Brand says students can see connections between what they know and love, which is computers and technology, and they can see it used in the workspace.

The field trip also helps to break barriers and stereotypes about the manufacturing industry. Today's manufacturing is clean, safe, and full of technology. People can lead successful lives in this industry, and they're several types of positions.

"I think every kid that has an opportunity to come to a factory, see the actual work that's being done, and then be able to come into a lab space like this and be able to touch and operate some of the equipment, will have a great sense of what it's really like," says Brand. "Hopefully, that stimulates them to think maybe that's a good career for me, maybe that's a good opportunity for me."

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"Students are really excited," says Simmons. "We really just have gotten this off the ground and running right now, but you know, you see kids who may not always be excited about schoolwork, they are able to come in here, and they are able to get that hands-on experience. You are really able to see those students shine and see the light bulb go off." ----------------------Principal Ryan Simmons

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