DOBOT Magician Adopted By Honda Manufacturing Of Indiana (HMIN) to Discover and Explore next Generation Manufacturing



Help Indiana students connect between what they are learning at school through STEM classes with the manufacturing processes, critical thinking and problem solving our associates use every day to build vehicles for our customers around the world


HMIN and IN-MaC have created the HMIN Drives Dreams Pathway (HDDP) IN-MaC Design and Innovation Studio, which provides opportunities for middle and high school students to discover new ways to explore design thinking, problem solving, technology and creative skills. Activities will include hands-on activities with robotics, 3D printers, coding, engineering and science learning modules.

DOBOT Magician is selected to not only get kids interested in robotics, manufacturing and programming, but to also establish a pipeline of talent among the next generation of students for manufacturers in the region.

'As we continue to build our pipeline, it's important for us to tap into the interests of students by providing opportunities,' said Tim Myers, Senior Vice President at Honda Manufacturing of Indiana. 'This studio will help students learn about manufacturing. It opens our doors as a community technical education partner, and it also helps companies like Honda find and nurture the talent we need to be successful in the future.'


The studio is open to students from Indiana schools, homeschools and community-based education organizations that are interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, exposure to other careers in manufacturing and to improving career opportunities for Indiana youth.


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“The studio provides a unique experience by bringing the digital realm of creating and making, along with authentic connections to industry, specifically with the regionally relevant manufacturing landscape, to the learning environments provided within both schools as well as industry settings. The connection to studios that are located within manufacturing facilities and embedded within their outreach programs offers a truly unique way of bridging the industry-education gap. By doing so, this provides students with relevant and realistic experiences that will help to cultivate technical competencies along with new digital abilities, employability skills, and awareness of career pathways at a young age where career perceptions are formed and new ways of thinking can be fostered. ----------------------Greg Strimel from Purdue Polytechnic

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