DOBOT AI Lab is Up & Running at Chongqing No.29 Secondary School



DOBOT provides Chongqing No.29 Secondary School with customized AI Lab Solution. The solution includes equipment, curriculum, teacher training, and support resources. The lab now is open to 7th-9th graders. DOBOT offered one-week training for all the teachers.

Quick Overview of DOBOT AI Lab

 DOBOT AI Lab Solution


---What's in the Teaching Area?

---What's in the Competition Area?

---What's in the Training Area?


Resource & Service Support


---Teacher Training

DOBOT Education team came to Chongqing No.29 Secondary School to offer face to face training for 20+ teachers. The training lasted one week from September 14-29, 2020.  The training includes:

1. History of robots and basic operation

2. Basic applications of knowledge of robotic arm

3. Applications and creative designs of AI technology

4. Graphical programming and innovative applications

5. Demonstration courses, and the models and skills of project-based teaching

6. Group cooperation, teaching simulations, and creative projects

DOBOT teacher trainning.png