DENSO Manufacturing Hungary Ltd. Uses DOBOT Magician to Improve Employees' Sensitivity Toward Digital Technologies and Robots



Since August 2020, DENSO Manufacturing Hungary Ltd has using DOBOT Magician in its Digital Technology Sensitivity Training. Every week, Denso associates attend the training at the Training Centre of the company.

The sensitivity training is offered to workers twice a week with a total of 48 weeks for a whole year. A total of 18 trainees for one class session are offered to trainees and two trainees share one robot. Apart from employees from Denso, students from dual vocational education plans also are participating in the training. In total, the training involves 3800 people. Qualification certificates will be given to trainees after the training is finished.

Course Content:

1). Principles of robotics

2). History, types, elements, operation of robots, and application scenarios

3). Playful robotic simulations of real-world scenarios

What students do in class:

1). They try to control the robotic arm using the gamepad, teach & playback, and programming on DobotBlock. 

2). They learn to install different end-tools to make the robotic perform different functions such as gripping a variety of objects, write and draw, etc.

3). They practice the form’s motions of the robot (movL; movJ, arcus; jump) and complete playful tasks with the help of TETRIS, LEGO blocks, drawing, etc. 

“We want to improve our all associate’s sensitivity toward digital technologies and robots, in order to gain a tangible experience of the practical benefits of robots and the basics of their operation and programming, and on the other hand, we want to dampen their aversion to modern assets and technologies.” -----------------------A quote from DENSO Manufacturing Hungary Ltd.