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My cool Easter Egg protection cover

3D Printer By Mar, 30, 2018
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Someone may ask me why I printed this stuff? It is because I get Easter Egg every year. But I couldn’t keep it long. This year I came up with using a cover to protect it. I looked for it almost everywhere, on the internet or physical stores. I didn’t find appropriate one. Then I made a decision to print it out with Dobot Mooz. After a while, I got the cool egg protector. Here it is!

Easter Egg protection cover yellow color
Internal structure of egg protection cover

The process is quite easy.

1.I searched the model file in the internet. Luckily, I found the desirable one. Download it and adjust file parameters in the programe Cura.

2.Then convert the file format to Gcode, and passed it to Mooz Printer via U disk.

3.Install the filament support and filament.

4.Start machine and heat the nozzle and heated bed to pre-set temperature. Place the filament to machine.

5.In operation panel, select u disk, choose the target model file and click “print” to start automatic printing.

6.During printing, I drunk a cup of coffee and ate some cookies. 2 hours later, I got my cool protector.

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