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Mooz Easter fun with CNC and Laser

3D Printer By Apr, 02, 2018
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In my country Easter is all about going to the cabin for skiing and other winter fun. My Easter contest project is therefore related to that and includes new keyrings for all the keys that we have for different purposes at the cabin. In addition I have designed some Easter decorations that could be layed on the table or hung on a birch crown in the living room. Having a decorated birch crown (a small branch from a birch tree) is an Easter tradition in my country.

All svg, LaserWeb project files and gcode for the Mooz for the different parts can be found here:

Creat Easter Gifts with Mooz Laser and CNC   Creat Easter Gifts with Mooz Laser and CNC-2  Creat Easter Gifts with Mooz Laser and CNC-3

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