Christmas Offer: Best Tools for DOBOT MOOZ

Mooz Box for mulit-purposes

chrstimas offer, best tools for mooz By Nov, 26, 2018
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This printerbox is based on an default ikea wardrobe with an ikea showcase door.
The size is perfect for the printer and all the extras.

  • On the left side is an raspberry pi with an night vision camera. I have remote access via VNC-Viewer.

The holding system for it is printed with mooz and gives several posibilities for alignment with his ball joint.

  • On the right side is an arduino with multifunktion shild. This is for showing the measured temperature and controlling the fan on the top.

By pressing the buttons you can select the present temperature, the desired temperature and the fan speed. The desired temperature can be set of course.

  • The fan absorbs the steam and pushes it through an active carbon filter system. So it is possible to do laser engraving at home. For this a sealing at the frontdoor and the gates for power is implemented.

With the sealing and the easy to clean stand space it is possible to do cnc carving.

  • For having a closer look at the working progress i have installed an additional display into the wall.
  • Reinforced drawers for additional stuff and the printer itself were implemented to handle the printer at an optimum.
  • On the working table is an red-printed pla stop angle for finding fast the same position for the laser zero-point. This was the most easy improvement.

I hope you like it all.

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