Avengers: Infinity War 3D Printing Contest

ENDS ON JUNE 23, 2018

Hulk Filament Spoolholder

3d printing design contest By Jun, 18, 2018
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I´d like to present you my strong Filament -Buddy.

I have modified one of the common Avangers-models by braking his arms and fingers (digitaly like you see can see in the pictures) to make him hold different Spools. While the project i had different base plates and arm angles and length, now it works with most of my spools and looks stil realistic enough. And of course it fits into the printarea of mooz 1&2!

Hope you enjoy it like i do,

i will upload it after contest on webpage thinigiverse.

If you like, give me a vote!

3D printed Hulk

Slice 3d printing model Hulk

Slice 3d printing model Hulk-2

Slice 3d printing model Hulk-3

3D printed HUlk in black color

Painted Hulk

Awesome 3D printed HULK

I have printed it with Mooz 2, 

black PLA Filament,

 concentic supports 7%, 

Finfill 30% with tri-hexagon and a 

layer-high of 0.1mm

and I know I am not a good painter! ;)


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  1. Niceeeee 🔝🔥❤

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    1. Hast du gut gemacht 😁😁😁

  3. Very nice, 🙂 I Like it!

  4. Amazing, guy!

  5. WOW, very detailled tutorial!