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Heated bed improvements and electronics cooling

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Did you try to print ABS on Mooz 2? 

The issues with ABS printing on Mooz 2 is the printing temperature of the heated bed, the thermal expansion of the plastic glued on the heating element is not even resulting in surface waves as shown in the video below.

Also the leveling of the bed is inaccurate due to the same plastic used.

In order to solve these 2 issues i have decided to make this part in aluminium.

The result is posted PS: the head was replaced in the mean while.

All stp files can be downloaded from . This solution cost me about 5USD but i had access to a milling machine, the part can be order at any workshop and i believe that this MUST be offered as optional part by Mooz,

On the same subject i have made a small change on the bed in order to have good reliability for repeated changes of the bed.

Here is a short tutorial that shows how to fix the destroyed thread in the bed. This solution can be easy implemented in serial production for future Mooz.

Last improvement is the cooling for the electronics, many have complained about random resets and the reason is that the steppers controllers are placed in a closed enclosure. Here a lot of heat is generated (i measured 92C inside the plastic cover) and i believe as a minimum we should have on the board some heat sinks, they are not that expensive. I went a bit further and i have also installed a fan.

All you need is published here (including 3D models

I have 3 other improvements in work:

1. 0 point set up for CNC 90% done but is linked to specific CAD/CAM tools

2. Quick release/fix for the heads (using dove tail) the parts are waiting near the milling machine for some time now.

3. LASER focus helper - quite expensive so far because i use semi-transparent mirrors. Lets see how this one will end-up. 

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