Avengers: Infinity War 3D Printing Contest

ENDS ON JUNE 23, 2018

Eye Of Agamotto#DOBOT_Avengers_3d_printing_Contest

3d printing design contest By May, 28, 2018
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2018. 05. 29
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The Avengers
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Designed the parts in Solid Works then printed the parts in the Mooz Dobot

painted and assembled the parts 

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  1. Amazing! How to light up this Eye Of Agamotto? If you can, maybe you can write a detailed tutorial, i think many people are interested in it.

    1. You need a couple of button cell batteries a green led and a momentary switch to turn on/off

  2. Want to own one, how much is it?

    1. you want STL files or finished product

      1. finished product~

        1. $75