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Ergonomic Headphone Holder

Multi-color 3D Printing, color-mixing 3D Printing By Sep, 23, 2018
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I made a 3D printed ergonomic holder for my headphones. The design was modeled on fusion 360 and then was printed on the Ender 3 printer.

Modelling the Design in Fusion 360


To make the design more convenient to print we split it into three parts : the base, the neck and the holder. To make the assembling quick and easy the parts have overhangs that simply click together. We started by designing the profile of the base by using the revolve tool. To form the Voronoi pattern we modeled a funnel shaped part that we then uploaded to an online converter named to give us that look. Finally we measured the dimensions of the headphones to model our holder on top.

 Slicing for Printing

We sliced the parts on Cura and printed them in PLA at a 40% infill with no supports. To make it aesthetically pleasing we added a colour gradient from white to grey to black.



Fit the parts together and the holder is complete and ready to be used.

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  1. Well done guys very good design!