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Easter Bunny helmet

3D Printer By Mar, 30, 2018
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After I bought Mooz, I began to creat daily decorative objects. In order to celebrate Easter, I decided to 3d print a bunny helmet, which can be combined with egg. In that way, I got my unique and meaningful Easter Bunny with the help of Dobot Mooz. Size:  42.4085*44.779*52.7238mm, material: PLA. The printing didn’t take me long time. 

But unfortunately, the helmen is too big for my egg, they can’t fit for each other. So I combined the helmet with kiwi. This displays another effect. Dobot Mooz helps me add more pleasure to my life. 

3d printed helmet for kiwi

3d printed helmet for egg

Hope you will like it!

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