Christmas Offer: Best Tools for DOBOT MOOZ

Dobot Mooz 1/2/3 Toolbox

chrstimas offer, best tools for mooz By Nov, 30, 2018
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Print or customize your own toolbox for the Mooz 2. Designed to store or memory cards as well as standard tools for 3d printing including glue, pliars, calibers and more. Or potentially more useful create your own accessory using the rail model designed to nest your creation securely to the mooz 1/2/3 itself

This is a small toolbox designed to sit on top of the Mooz 1/2/3 linear rail but does not interfere with it's movement or filament holder. The three toolbox stl files clip together

included in the thingiverse file is the stl file of the top of the linear rail model used to create a hole in Tinkercad included for convenience to create your own mountable accessories.


Glue stick
2 different size hex keys included with the mooz
Pen/pencil holder
small needle nose pliers
SD card / Micro SD adapter
Micro SD card slot
two hooks to hang items.

Linear rail model to create your own accessories that mount on the mooz


my design in tinkercad


Top rail cap:


Bottom toolbox:


Back support bracket: 


early first print.. need to tweak the printer settings ;)

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