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Cute Easter Bunny

3D Printer By Mar, 29, 2018
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Easter is coming, I also want to do something special to celebrate it. 3 days ago, I saw this 3d pringting model on internet, and I was inspired to print the simple and easy bunny.

easter bunny cookie mold

Btw, I downloaded the model file here. On the site, there are a lot of 3d model stl files. Here is my printed Bunny. Size: 133.16*73.954*30.001mm. Printing material: PLA

3d printed mold for Easter cookie

This bunny can not only be used to decorate room, but also make the Easter cookie. I really enjoy it! Hope it will please you, too. If you like the Bunny, please vote me!

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  1. Cute Rabbit~ delicious~