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3D Printer By Apr, 01, 2018
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The 3D printer is something revolutionary, being able to realize your idea is wonderful and my mooz-1 does it very well. For this project I used the online program for 3D Tinkercad design very easy to use and it shows my case was the first time I used it without having any experience on 3D design, I based on the real size of my printer by decreasing 10 units for back to the proportions once I created my object I imported it into Cura software that generates in codes necessary to give instructions to my mooz-1 on the XYZ axes once saved the file on a usb stick I inserted it into the printer, selecting the right file the printer will do everything by itself and you'll just have to wait for the creation of your idea ..3D printed Mooz3D printed Mooz-23D printed Mooz-33D printed Mooz-43D printed Mooz-53D printed Mooz-63D printed Mooz-73D printed Mooz-83D printed Mooz-93D printing software

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  1. Wow, Amazing! Well done!

    1. really thanks

  2. Wonderful works! Good luck for you!

    1. Thanks, we hope well!