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Easter Egg and Bunny made by Mooz 【Sample】

3D Printer By Mar, 28, 2018
2018. 03. 28
20.97 mb
This is all made by great Dobot Mooz!
20.97 mb

Hi, guys! This is an example according to conditions of our contest entry. When you write contest entry, you can imitate this artitle. In this article, we will show you, how to 3D print with Dobot Mooz in detail.

1. Firstly, open Cura software and select the model you want to slice. By he way, Cura supports SLT/OBJ/AMF format models. About the download model file, please refer to enclosure. Then you can adjust file parameters, like, layer height 0.1mm, printing temperature 200℃, build plate temperature 70℃ and etc.

3d model split by mooz software

2. Insert USB flash disk. Warn: In off-line printing mode, U disk must be FAT32, and volume can’t be higher than 32GB.

3. Save model file as format G-code and exportit to U disk or SD card with Cura.

4. Install filament support and filament.

Install filament support and filament

5. Start up machine and place filament.

a. Resart the machine and place filament(PLA diameter 0.7mm) into machine.

b. Enter the functional module control interface.

c. Click “Heat” button of nozzle. heat the nozzle to 200℃, in this way you can inspect if filament is installed and transferred well. Meanwhile head the heated bed.

Start up mooz and place filament

6. Insert U disk to the print.

Insert U disk to the print

7. Select the target file and start 3D print

a. In operation panel, click the “file” button to enter the file page.

b. Click to select USB disk.

c.Click to select the file I want to print.

d. Click “print” button to start printing.

e. Wait for the heated bed and noozle to be heated to the target temperature.

f. Start printing automatically.

Start printing

8. Look, we got the incredible Easter egg. During the printing, you feel a little bit impatient, but it is a interesting process for sure. Although it took me a few time to print, i think that the made-up object deserved.

MOOZ Print Easter Egg

This is our made-up object by Dobot Mooz. Some part, like Easter rabbit and colorful egg is  printed by Dobot Mooz-3 with color-mixing 3d pringting function. Dobot Mooz-3 is coming soon!

Mooz Easter Contest Works

In short, it’s a wonderful time to 3D print with Dobot Mooz!

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  1. Hi Jennifer, how is it to create that colorful bunny? Since mooz 3 is only has two color fillaments, would you like to share how it's made?

    1. MOOZ-3 supports 3 different colors at the same time. Thanks

  2. Good job, guy~