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Amazingly Simplistic Birthday Cake

Multi-color 3D Printing, color-mixing 3D Printing By Sep, 24, 2018
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Back for more, are ya? -I don't even know

So, as you probably saw, figured, assumed, or somehow accidentally voted for my other entry, I decided to try to 1-up myself and go for a last-minute crunch. One of my friends has a birthday tomorrow (as of my submission date of September 24th) and I decided to hop into Tinkercad and make a quick design! This is basically just a cylinder, with a skinny cylinder on top with cutout segments of squares with a semicircle on top (the droopy frosting stuff :) ). It worked out perfectly! My Prusa i3 MK3 took about 4 hours to print all of the parts.

NOTE: There was a ring of frosting on my original design in spirit of an old model of mine from last year, but I ended up not putting it on as without it, it looks more simplistic, almost like it was taken straight out of a comic!

Enjoy! -Mathieu

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  1. Is there a picture?