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Live stream your Spring Break, with Dobot Rigiet!

Spring Day Live Stream! Share your YouTube live with us and Win the amazing Prize!

Contest: Live stream your Spring Break, with Dobot Rigiet!

3 Axis gimbal stabilizer Apr, 24, 2018 ENTRIES 12827 VIEWS

Lazy Spring days are the perfect time to get creative! After long weary weekdays, do you want to have a funny Spring Break? It's time to plan a seasonal getaway. How about creating a live stream on YouTube to show your spring outing, with Dobot Rigiet?

The video can be about going camping with your relatives, having fun in an amusement park, independent travel with your friends, happy moment with your lovers, search of delicious food, the scenery along the way and etc.It doesn't matter what shooting styles you use, just make sure you are having fun! Art is the best way to wind down and relax.

So, what will you film with professional handheld gimbal? It's time to show your ability to find beauty and photography level. Share us with your finished product (any YouTube live stream in Spring, made by Dobot Rigiet). You may be chosen to win the grand prize-Xiaomi Mijia Mini 4k Action and Video Camera. Can't wait to see your awesome film!

About the contest:

For Dobot Rigiet Users with iOS system:

  1. 1. Attach your iPhone to Dobot Rigiet.
  2. 2. Click the live streaming option in Rigiet App.
  3. 3. Sign in your Google account and click Go Live
  4. 4. In the title add tag #Rigiet_Spring_Photography to let us recognize you at a glance.
  5. 5. When you finished your live stream, you have two options:

    • a. Share your live stream with us and upload it to our site by yourself. About the share guide, please refer to How to upload Youtube video to the Dobot site? In this way, you have more time to ask voters for supports and more chance to win.
    • b. Do nothing and just leave the live stream alone. Our staff will search the stream on YouTube and upload it to our site. But in this way, you will have less chance to win the prize.

For Dobot Rigiet Users with Android system:

  1. 1. Attach your Android telephone to Dobot Rigiet.
  2. 2. Take a stable video with Rigiet.
  3. 3. When you finished shooting, upload the taken video to your YouTube Channel.
  4. 4. When editing title, add hashtag #Rigiet_Spring_Photography to let us recognize you at a glance.
  5. 5. Share it with us and upload it to our site. Under the contest page, click "Join Now" and upload your video according the interface guide. Tips: If you are not our member yet, you need to register firstly!

For these, who didn't back Dobot Rigiet yet:

  1. 1. You still have the chance to win the prize. We will provide an extra $15 coupon for you! Here is the coupon code: 15USDOFF_RGFANS.
  2. 2. After you got Dobot Rigiet, you can also live stream your daily life and share your YouTube video with us anytime. An amazing prize is waiting for you!

About the award:

  1. 1st Prize (1 Winner): Xiaomi Mijia Mini 4k Action and Video Camera

    7 glass lens supports 4K 30fps video record, the six-axis EIS is more stable for shooting. It is useful to catching all your action moments and has a variety of necessary features which make it perfect for photo-shooting, outdoor sports, home security, deep-water probing, etc, allowing you to film at any time and anywhere. 

  2. 2nd Prize (1 Winner): Filmora Video Editor Software (Personal lifetime version)

    A must-have video editing software for Photo enthusiasts, it can transform your video with a variety of filters and graphic overlays and edit and export videos at resolutions of up to 4K. It's also easy for anyone to learn, even if they’ve never edited video before.

  3. 3rd Prize (1 Winner): Powerful power bank

    12000mAh Apple Lightning Portable Power Bank External Battery Charger with 3A High-Speed Output for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung and More (Apple 8-Pin Cable Include)

  4. Award list for the best live video, taken by Dobot Rigiet gimbal stabilizer

  5. All participators will get a $20 coupon for the next purchase. Our staff will send you related coupon code via your registered E-mail, after the contest was closed.
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  • Open Apr, 24, 2018 Ongoing Apr, 25, 2018
  • Being Judged May, 24, 2018
  • Closed May, 25, 2018
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    Grand Prize
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    First Prize
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    Second Prize

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