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Dobot Magician Painting Contest

Open your mind and share us your picture! Anything drew by Dobot Magician!

Contest: Dobot Magician Painting Contest

Writing and Painting May, 04, 2017 ENTRIES 16896 VIEWS

As we know, Dobot Magician is a multifunctional robotic arm that you can make a lot by it. One of the most funny function is Write and Draw. It s easy to control Dobot Magician draw a picture that you like. So it can be possible for you to be a painter now.

So, what will you draw when you get a hand of painter?
Now it is your time to show your idea. Open your mind and share us your picture (anything drew by Dobot Magician). You may be chose to win the prize! Can’t wait to see your create.

About The Contest:

  1. Deadline. The Contest begins at 0 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (PT) on May 6, 2017 (the "Start Date"). Entries for the Contest must be received by no later than 11:59 p.m. PT on June 6, 2017 (the "Deadline"). (convert to local time)
  2. How to Enter. Click “ENTER”on the page and post your project.(photo(s) or video(s) show your picture with Dobot )
  3. Prize(s). The prize to be awarded in the Contest is a surprise package provided by Dobot. Including a 20% off coupon of Dobot and other gifts.
Contest Closed
  • Open May, 04, 2017 Ongoing Jun, 01, 2017
  • Being Judged Jul, 14, 2017
  • Closed Jul, 31, 2017
  • By DobotArm
    Grand Prize
  • By Una Tao
    First Prize

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